If a contact receives a notification via email, the contact can choose to reply back to the Visitor through the iPad by clicking one of three pre-written messages. The contact can simply click on the appropriate link provided in the email to send the message. The pre-written responses are:

  • Message 1: “Thank you for signing in. Please have a seat and I will be right with you.”
  • Message 2: “Hi! I'll be right there.”
  • Message 3: “I'm currently tied up at the moment. Please try a different contact. Thank you!”

Simply click on the link below the message to send your response back to the visitor.

You can even customize the email responses that contacts use to reply back to a visitor.

Click on Visitor Responses on the left navigation. From here you can add, delete or edit the optional replies available via email, sms or slack, for your contacts to reply to each visitor.

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