Hello Receptionist in a Box customer!

We recently needed to change the password associated with our riab@theipadreceptionist.com Apple account. If your iPad has asked you for this password, we have two solutions for you:

Our recommended solution is to have you create your own Apple account and use that to re-install our application. This will ensure that you are not locked out of our account in the future if we need to change the password again. To do this, please use the following steps:

Open the App Store application.

Navigate to the Today tab in lower right corner, then click the person icon in the upper left.

Touch the Sign Out button.

You will now need to touch the Forgot your Apple ID or password? button to be redirected to the Apple website to create a new account.

Touch the Create Your Apple ID button to bring up the new account form.

Walk through the steps to create the new account. We recommend you use a distribution list email address if you can to ensure that the account is not tied to the personal email address of an employee who might not work at your company in the future.

During this process you will be asked to add a credit card to your account. This step is not necessary. The trick to get around this is to choose a credit card type of "None", and this Apple Support article shows this in detail.

Once you have finished setting up your account, Apple will send a confirmation email to the email address that you used. You will now need to find this email, click the "Verify now" link, and enter your password to activate your account.

After you verify the account, you should now be able to sign in to the iTunes store on your iPad using your password.

Press the home button or use a five finger swipe to go back to the home screen.

Locate the "Receptionist" application and press and hold the icon until it starts wiggling and then touch on the "x" to remove the application. Press the home button to exit the wiggle mode. Uninstalling the application will unlink the app from the riab@theipadreceptionist Apple ID. We will now download the application again using the Apple ID account that you just finished creating.

Open the App Store application, search for "the receptionist for ipad" and touch the Get button to download our application.

Press the home button to get back to the home screen and then launch the "Receptionist" application. Congratulations, you are now running our application on an Apple account that is entirely yours!

The other solution is to continue using the riab@theipadreceptionist.com Apple ID. The new password for this account is: RIABuser3. Please note that continuing to use this account could result in other password changes in the future, so we strongly encourage you to use this account only to get you by until you can setup your or Apple account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change has caused you, but if you run into any issues don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you out via phone at 888-315-5230, email at support@thereceptionist.com, or chat on our website at https://thereceptionist.com.

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