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1. Enable Printing For Your Account and Button(s)

  • Visit the Printing page on your account and slide the toggle to "On".
  • Choose the printer model and label that you will be using (sample rolls that come with the printer are DK-2251) and SAVE.
  • Determine which buttons will print a badge after a visitor has checked in. Our Badge Printing document will assist you with making this happen.
  • Visit Buttons > Existing Buttons and edit each button you'd like to automatically generate a badge for a visitor during check in
  • Scroll down to toggle on badge configuration and create your badge layout and SAVE.

2. Connect Your Printer

3. Connect the iPad and Printer

From within the app on the iPad press and hold for 5-10 seconds at the top middle of the welcome screen. Select the Printer Settings option from within the menu and enter your password when prompted. The iPad will search for and allow you to connect directly with the printer on your network if it finds one.

If your iPad does not find your printer you may still be able to get the iPad to connect by manually supplying the IP address. To get the IP address on the 820NWB printer: 

  • Press the Menu button and the down arrow button to go to “WLAN” settings.
  • Press the Up arrow button to go to “WLAN Status” and press the OK button.
  • Select “Infrastructure Mode” and press OK.
  • The IP address will be listed there, usually as a couple sets of numbers separated by periods. AKA 123.123.1234.123

You can then press the "MANUAL SETUP" button with the app on the iPad to manually specify the model and IP address of the printer. Here's a video showing how this is done:

Select the printer and press the "TEST PRINT" button to ensure the iPad can successfully communicate with the printer. There are a couple of issues that can appear at this step:

  • You receive a "wrong label" error message. If this happens, you will want to double check the label model that you selected in step 2 of this guide on the Printing page.
  • A badge never appears and the application appears to hang or times out. This can happen if the standard network printing port is being blocked on your network. You will want to talk to a network administrator and make sure that the network allows your iPad to communicate over port 9100.

Once you have a successful test print, hit the "<" button in the top left corner and you can exit the screen using the "X" in the upper left. Your changes will save automatically.

Still having trouble with your printer? Our troubleshooting guide is here to help!

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