If you have more than one physical address you will need a separate subscription for each distinct location, but they can be housed under a single account making management simple and easy!

The current benefits of our Location Management feature are:

  • Filtering your visit log by location.
  • Assigning devices to locations.
  • Assigning users and contacts to locations, or sharing across locations. This will ensure that specific users will only have access to the visits at the locations where they work.
  • Different time zones for locations, which will then be used when sending out notification emails.
  • Designating physical address, which will be used in the future in pre-registration and visit summary emails.
  • Cloning existing locations to make the setup of a new location quick and easy.
  • Cloning an existing button to give you a head start when creating a new button.

You can add a new location under the Locations tab, on the lower left section of your account.

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