Hello and welcome to The Receptionist!

There are two parts to getting started; Configuring your account and getting your iPad set up on your network. Click on the links below as we point you towards detailed articles, videos and step by step documentation to show you exactly what you need to implement The Receptionist in your office. If you run into any questions, we’re here to help. Email us at support@thereceptionist.com or utilize our live chat via the little orange chat icon in the bottom right corner of each of your account screens. 

We recommend you start with your account so that when you get your iPad logged in, you’ll be ready to go! 


If you haven’t already started an account or received an invitation from us to do so based on your purchase of a Receptionist in a Box, start with that. All accounts begin with a 2 week free trial which you can launch here. Don’t worry, you can return to any step of the sign up settings at any time.


Once you create your account or accept your account invitation, it’s time to customize The Receptionist to fit your needs. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with The Receptionist, our dashboard, layout, and navigation.

We think it’s best to import your employee contacts first; that way they’re ready to be assigned to buttons when you get those started. 

Import a CSV file or set up an API call with your Active Directory/employee database. You can include contact photos for visitors to see at check in, sort all contacts by department as the first display to visitors and once imported, you can set up back up rules for your contacts, in case someone is unavailable when a visitor checks in for them. 


Contacts all loaded? Let’s get the visitor display started! When you started your account, you had a brief view of setting up your homescreen. You can return to add or edit anything you’d like. 

Buttons are the meat of The Receptionist. Think about the different kinds of visitors you have, how you want to treat them differently, what questions you want to ask, legal agreements they need to sign, etc… You can add up to 6 buttons, and there are different button types that can treat visitor check in differently. Button types include employee check in and out too! 

As you set up your buttons, scroll down to see where you can assign and sort contacts, add or edit visitor fields, assign an NDA/legal agreement to your button, configure your badge and customize audio prompts, security and more! 


Your iPad needs a WiFi connection to reach the internet, and your account with The Receptionist. Start with Settings on your iPad and connect to your WiFi network. 

To install our app, start with an AppleID and the App Store. If you have a particularly thorny network, very high network security or access restrictions, work with your IT team to ensure your iPad has access to communicate properly. Once you have an AppleID established Login to the AppStore icon and download our app

That’s all there is to the primary set up. There are some extras… Do you want to: 


The most important part of printer set up is network access. If you needed help with your iPad, you’re gonna want IT’s help here too. This will walk you through each step. 


You can include a safety video or NDA to your visitor workflow, collecting signatures and ensuring compliance. Export your signed agreements, when needed. 


With The Receptionist, you can deliver a unified visitor experience across all of your office locations. Each separate address or physically separate billing is required to maintain its own subscription to cover the employee contacts for that location. Each location can have its own contacts, buttons, rules, branding, filter your visit log, owners and users etc… Get started adding locations today! 


Did you know The Receptionist can remember returning visitors and expedite their repeat check ins? It’s one quick flip of a switch to turn on and will recognize either your visitors email address or a QR code from your pre-registration or a past badge


Looking for an integration with one of your current systems? Salesforce, Mailchimp… The Receptionist allows you to utilize Webhooks to send information about your visits out to additional tools you use. Most Webhooks will work through a Zapier connection so we recommend you start there to find the integration you’d like to link to. Then head over to Integrations on your dashboard to enter your hook’s URL. 

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