Hello and welcome to The Receptionist! 👋 

Below we'll point you towards articles, videos, and step-by-step documentation detailing how to implement The Receptionist. Questions as you go? Chat us in minutes via the orange icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email support@thereceptionist.com.

There are two parts to getting started: configuring your account and getting your iPad set up on your network:

  1. SIGN UP: If you haven’t already started an account or received an invitation from us for your Receptionist in a Box, start your account (including a 2 week free trial) here. From there it's time to customize The Receptionist to fit your needs. Take a moment to tour the Web Portal.
  2. ADD USERS: These are individuals with access to view and possibly edit the Web Portal and iPad application. You can select the level of access they have using the different available roles, and invite them from within the Web Portal.
  3. ADD CONTACTS: These are individuals that can be notified and selected by a visitor upon arrival. You can add them one at a time, import a CSV file, or set up an API call with your Active Directory/employee database. Contacts can include photos for visitors to see, be grouped into departments, and be given back up rules in case they are unavailable when a visitor arrives. 
  4. HOME AND BUTTON SET UP: This is what the visitor views on the iPad. You can add or edit the main app screen by making changes to the Home Screen. From there think about the different kinds of visitors you have - what questions you want to ask them or signatures you want to collect. This will be your button setup. You can add up to 6 buttons, such as employee check in or deliveries! While editing your buttons you can assign and sort contacts, add or edit visitor fields, add an NDA/legal agreement, configure your badge layout, customize audio prompts and security options, and more! 
  5. iPAD SET UP: Start with Settings on your iPad and connect to your WiFi network. To install our app, start with setting up an AppleID. If you have a particularly secure or restricted network work with your IT team to ensure your iPad has access to connect. Then open the App Store icon and download our app.
  6.  ADD A PRINTER (OPTIONAL):  This will walk you through each step.
  7. ADD A LEGAL AGREEMENT (OPTIONAL): You can include a safety video or NDA to your visitor workflow. Once you're on your way collecting signatures and ensuring compliance you can export your signed agreements when needed, or set up a DropBox or Google Drive export sync.
  8. SET UP ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS (OPTIONAL): Each separate address or physical location must have its own subscription, and with The Receptionist you can deliver a unified visitor experience across all of them! Each location can have its own contacts, buttons, rules, branding, visit log history, owners and users, or optionally have everything shared between them. Get started adding locations today! 
  9. RETURNING VISITORS AND QR CODES (OPTIONAL): The Receptionist can remember returning visitors and expedite their repeat check ins! It’s a quick flip of a switch to turn on and will recognize visitors by their email address or a QR code (from a pre-registration email or badge from a previous visit).
  10. INTEGRATIONS (OPTIONAL): The Receptionist allows you to utilize webhooks to send information about your visits out to additional tools you use via Zapier.

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