You can utilize our webhooks feature to allow for communications between The Receptionist and other programs (such as MailChimp, SalesForce, HubSpot, etc.). This allows you to use data that The Receptionist collects with other services, and is yours to manage!

To get started, join our Beta program from the Profile section of your account. From there, you'll need to start an account with a website that helps trigger webhook workflows. In our example we'll be using Zapier. If you aren't familiar with services like these you may want to enlist the help of someone who has used them before.

Once you have created an account and added all the services you want to use, click the "Make a Zap!" button. From there select "Webhooks" then "catch a hook", save. Copy the URL it gives you and tell it "Ok, I did this":

Next you'll head to the Integrations page on The Receptionist, go to the Webhooks option, and select "+New Webhook". You're then going to name it, add in the URL, select the Location it is relevant for, and select the checkboxes for the events you want to trigger the webhook:

Once this is saved go back to Zapier and select "OK, I did this" and complete a check in the Receptionist app on your iPad. If you refresh Zapier you now have a Hook to begin setting up:

From here you can select the action you want to result from the hook Zapier catches from The Receptionist. For example you can have a check in trigger a new opportunity to be created in SalesForce, or a pre-registration to trigger a new line to be created in a specific Google Sheet. 

The world is your oyster! Use your power wisely...

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