If you'd like The Receptionist app to talk to other software systems such as Google Docs, HubSpot, or even a phone system, do we have the integration for you!

Getting Started

  • Reach out to our team to have us activate the feature, or join our Beta program from the Profile section of your account. 
  • Visit this page to select the option to "start using The Receptionist now!". This will allow you access to the integration.
  • From there select the option to Make a Zap! and search for The Receptionist:
  • Select which action on our end you want to trigger the zap, such as a check in or check out.
  • "Sign into The Receptionist" which will prompt you for an API key. This can can found under the Integrations page on The Receptionist - find the Zapier section and "View API key" to copy the key, then head back to Zapier to paste it in and continue.
  • You may then need to select the location you want to integrate with (if applicable) and allow Zapier to run a test and continue.
  • From here you can Choose App & Event you want to result from the trigger Zapier catches from The Receptionist. For example you can have a check in trigger a new opportunity to be created in SalesForce, or a pre-registration to trigger a new line to be created in a specific Google Sheet. 

The world is your oyster! Use your power wisely...

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