Have you opened your account and set up your app configuration? 

iPad Setup:

1. Turn on the iPad

Desk Stand - The power button for the iPad is on the back and on the opposite end from the where you will find the home screen button.  It is back and in the corner just behind one of the enclosure support arms.

Floor Stand - Place the magkey in the upper right part of the iPad (it will magnetically snap into place), then remove to turn the iPad screen on. Next, swipe your finger from left to right until you see the “Siri App Suggestions” box.  Open any of the apps listed and use a 5-finger pinch out gesture to get to the home screen. (Use 5 fingers and pinch them together to a point) This is necessary to circumvent pressing the home button to get to the main app screen.

2. Connect to your Wi-Fi

Once you turn on your iPad there will be three apps at the bottom of the screen. One is the Settings tab which is shaped like a gear. Press this, click on Wi-Fi and select your network to connect.

3. Download The Receptionist app

Open the “App Store” app and press “Sign In” to log into or create a new icloud account for your iPad.  If you chose to create a new apple ID, you will be required to validate the email address by pressing a link in an email Apple will send to you.  We recommend you use a distribution email address if you can to ensure that the account is not tied to the personal email address of an employee who might not work at your company in the future.  Once you are logged in, search for “The Receptionist for iPad” and download it.

4. Log into the app

Open The Receptionist app and log in with the account you setup during step 1 on the front page.

Guided Access to lock the iPad to one app Apple has a built in feature to keep the iPad locked into one app called Guided Access.  In order to start or stop Guided Access press the home button quickly 3 times while The Receptionist App is open and press “Start” in the upper right hand corner.  The iPad will prompt you to create a passcode that will need to be used to unlock the iPad.  Now the app is locked into one app. Simply triple click the home button and enter the passcode again to unlock it.

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