Start on the left navigation bar and select Integrations.

Add Slack and authorize the sync. This will allow The Receptionist for iPad to communicate with Slack.

*** Slack integration's sync will only work if the email address used for your contact's Slack account is the same that is being used in The Receptionist for iPad. If your contact is using a different email for their Slack account than they are for The Receptionist, you'll need to add their Slack user name to their contact information manually.

Now, check your contacts to ensure their Slack user name has been synced and that a slack messaging preference has been added to ensure notifications include Slack.

Notifications for new visitors will now come through the SlackBot channel and, just like email and text messages, will allow your contacts and visitors to proceed with two way communications.

To send visitor notifications to a slack channel instead of an individual, first create a contact for your 'channel', and use the #channelname instead of @personname in the slack handle field. 

You'll then be able to set up message rules for contacts to receive a notification to the channel as well as email and/or sms notifications. 

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