Having trouble with your printer? Our troubleshooting guide is here to help!

Follow these steps to connect a Brother QL-810W Printer to your WiFi network using a Windows computer

1. Plug your printer into an electrical outlet, but DO NOT turn the printer on yet.

2. Load in the large roll of label paper that came with your printer. These are DK-2205 labels, and you will need this model number later when you need to reorder labels.

3. Plug your printer into your computer using the provided grey USB cable. Now you can turn on your printer using the power button.

4. Visit the Brother download page and download the appropriate installer:

5. Open the installer and select Auto Select:

6. Select what you would like to install for your printer, at minimum you will need to install the “Printer Driver” and “Printer Setting Tool”:

7. Allow the installers to run, and when prompted select the Local Connection option:

8. Once the installer is complete, exit it and then find and run the “Printer Setting Tool” that you just installed.  Press the “Communication Settings” button:

9. Open the “Wireless Lan” tab, click on “Wireless Settings”, and press “Search”

10. Select the WiFi network you want your printer connected to:

11. Enter the wifi password in the necessary box and hit “Apply”

12. The wifi light on the printer will turn solid green once it’s connected and has obtained an IP address.

13. You will now need to configure The Receptionist for iPad to know how to communicate with your printer. Please visit our printer connection document to learn how to do this.

Still having trouble with your printer? Our troubleshooting guide is here to help!

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