There are a couple of ways to access your iPad if the device is enclosed in a protective case that covers the home button, or if your iPad does not have a home button.

  1. You can swipe over to the far left and open any of the apps listed under the “Siri App Suggestions.”  After this, you can perform a 5 finger pinch to go back to the home screen.

2. If your iPad is enclosed in a Maclocks case that covers the home button, you can use the tamper-proof screwdriver included with your shipment to unscrew the back 4 screws, take the iPad out of the enclosure, and remove the flat button blocker.  This allows you to press the home button but will require you to set up Guided Access to keep visitors from exiting the app.  You can read more about Guided Access and how to Enable it here.

3. If your iPad does not have a home button, tap anywhere on the screen or press the top button to wake it up. To exit The Receptionist app and return to the home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This will you back to the last home screen you accessed. Swipe once more and you'll be taken back to the main home screen of the iPad.

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