Not a problem! As long as your iPad will be operating at the same physical address, you can use more than one iPad running off of the same account configuration. The layout of the devices associated with the same location will be identical.

Each iPad can be a given a Device Name, like 'North Lobby,' 'Loading Dock' or 'Second Floor'. Each check-out and check-in will be associated with that iPad and that Device Name, ensuring that you can easily tell who entered what door; this information is also readily available on your Visit Log.

The notifications sent to contacts will display the name of the iPad that was used so that your contacts know exactly where to greet their guests.

To label your iPad, touch the top middle of the home screen of your Receptionist app for about 6 seconds. The active area you need to touch and hold is highlighted below in red:

You'll see the account menu pop up:

Press "Device Settings" and you'll be prompted for your password. Once you enter your password and confirm, you'll see a new screen where you can enter in a new Device Name that is local to each device. Once you're finished, tap the < to save and return to the main settings screen.

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