Here because you're looking to be added as a User to your company's already-existing account? Any existing User with the Account Owner clearance on your team can add you; if you're not sure who to contact on your team, feel free to chat with us by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right!

Users are individuals with access to log into, view, and possibly edit the Web Portal and iPad configuration. Once you’ve created an account with us you can invite other people to join your account, selecting the level of access they have using the different available roles:

  • Account Owner: unlimited access to view, edit, delete, and add within every area of the Web Portal, including inviting new users.

  • Location Owner (if applicable): access to view, edit, delete, and add within every area of the Web Portal of a specific location, including inviting new users to that location.

  • Receptionist: access limited to view and edit Visit Log and Contacts.

  • Billing: access limited to view and edit Billing.

  • Security: access limited to viewing the Visit Log. If you are looking to create a general login for employees to use to log into the iPad, this is the User type for you.

To add new users start by selecting Users on the left side of your dashboard and click '+Add User':

Invited users will need to accept the invitation sent via email in order to access your account. There is no limit to the number of users or additional cost included when adding users to your account, and all users are able to log into the iOS app. 

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