The Receptionist has a live, currently checked in visit log within the app in case you need to evacuate your building. Press and hold the top middle of your welcome screen for 5-10 seconds (shown below in red):

From there select 'Evacuation List':

You'll see all of the people currently checked in. As you confirm the safety of each visitor, you can 'check' them in again for evacuation security. (Please note, this does not update anything on your actual visitor log; it is meant as a visual aid during actual emergency procedures so that you can account for each visitor physically, only.)

Your Visit Log is also available from your computer, your iPad, or your smartphone - anywhere you can log in to your account via your Web Portal. Use the Evacuation List filter to see any currently checked-in visitors (or use this Handy Link!).

Users with the Secuity, Account Owner, Location Owner, and Receptionist designations can view the Evacuation list on the web portal. All users can view it via the iPad app itself.

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