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System & Device Requirements
System & Device Requirements

What are the requirements for running The Receptionist for iPad?

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The Receptionist for iPad

We guarantee that our application will always work when running the latest version of the iPad OS released by Apple. The most recent major version released by Apple is version iPad OS 16. If your device is able to run this version of the OS, we strongly encourage you to update in order to ensure your device is not vulnerable to known security attacks and is not subject to bugs and errors.

While not encouraged, we do strive to ensure that our application will continue to work on any device that runs the last two major iPad OS versions released by Apple. Currently, our application should run without issue on iPad OS 14 or higher. If your iPad is on an older OS, our ability to support you in troubleshooting will be limited, and we encourage you to update your operating system when you can.

Online Portal (a.k.a. Web Application or Visit Log)

We are committed to ensuring our web application works in all "evergreen" browsers. These browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Mobile and tablet browsers should be able to use most features and functionality of our web application. Still, some features may not appear due to the screen size limits (e.g. the home screen and button configuration areas).

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