If you have more than one physical address, you will need a separate subscription for each distinct location, but they can be housed under a single account to make management simple and easy!

The current benefits of our Location Management feature are:

  • Filtering your visit log by location.

  • Assigning devices to locations.

  • Assigning users and contacts to locations, or sharing across locations. This will ensure that specific users will only have access to the visits at the locations where they work.

  • Different time zones for locations, which will then be used when sending out notification emails.

  • Designating physical address, which will be used in pre-registration and visit summary emails.

  • Cloning existing locations to make the setup of a new location quick and easy.

  • Cloning an existing button gives you a head start when creating a new button.

You can find more information on using multiple locations, including how to change which location an iPad is associated with, edit them, and clone buttons here.

You can add a new location under the Locations tab, on the lower left section of your account.

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