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What if I have multiple office sites or buildings?

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Do you wish you could easily manage multiple locations without memorizing multiple logins? You can! Multiple distinct locations can be housed under the same general account, making it easy to view visits to all locations, copy Buttons from one location to another, and more!

Please note that each new location will require a new subscription; the general rule is one address, one subscription. If you want to add new iPads at an existing address, such as at a second door, that comes at no additional subscription cost; read here to learn more.

To add a new location, start on the Locations page of the web portal or chat with our team. Once you've set up multiple locations, Account Owner Users can easily toggle between locations on the visit log, Buttons page, and more. This makes it easy for your team to compare which locations see the most visits, edit the location's home page or check-in flow, and ensure that each location's billing settings are correct.

Additional benefits include:

  • Filtering your visit log by location.

  • Assigning devices to locations.

  • Assigning Users and Contacts to locations, or sharing across locations. This will ensure that specific Users can only access the visits at their work locations.

  • Different time zones for each location will be used when sending out notification emails.

  • Designating physical address, which will be used in pre-registration and visit summary emails.

  • Cloning existing locations to make the setup of a new location quick and easy.

  • Cloning buttons between locations gives you a head start when creating your button loadout for a new location.

You can find more information on using multiple locations, including how to change which location an iPad is associated with, edit them, and clone buttons here.

Have questions or need assistance? Try clicking on the orange chat bubble in the lower right corner to livechat with a member of the team!

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