Your button setup depends on what you need for your visitor check in flow.

There are 6 button types.

Check In allows visitors to search for, select, notify and chat with a contact.

Check Out allows checked IN visitors to... well...Check Out!

Delivery allows you to have specific delivery vendors (FedEx, UPS, etc...) notify pre-selected delivery recipients of a delivery, or select from a list of contacts to notify.

Employee allows you to have employees check in and out on the app to log their arrival and departure times, similar to clocking in to track hours.

Notification removes the 'find contact' option and directly notifies whomever you have pre-selected to that button, but otherwise functions very much like a Check In button.

Message allows you to display a message ("Down the hall and to the right") to visitors but will not display or notify contacts.

You can set up buttons for:

  • About Us

  • Appointments

  • Careers Clients

  • Consultation

  • Drop-Ins

  • Drop-Offs

  • Employees

  • Employment

  • Event Check-In

  • Food Delivery

  • Guests

  • Human Resources

  • Interviews

  • Members

  • Office Departments

  • Office Hours

  • Other Tenants

  • Parent Pickup

  • Pick-Up

  • Questions

  • Sales

  • Service and Parts

  • Solicitation

  • Suppliers

  • Support

  • Tours

The possibilities are virtually endless!

Need a hand with your button set up? You can always reach us via the chat box in the bottom right of each screen. We're happy to help! You can also view our buttons overview video:

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