SMS text message notifications are available to all Receptionist customers, as well as those going through a two-week free trial that have input a credit card number.

Once you become a Receptionist customer, you don't need to make any further configuration changes to your account to begin receiving SMS text notifications when a visitor arrives. We'll automatically add SMS message rules to all of your contacts who have a cell number associated with their contact details.

Are you enjoying a two week free trial of The Receptionist? You can still try out SMS/Text notifications! 

We do ask for one small commitment more in order for you to do so. Acquiring SMS numbers come at a cost to us. Therefore, we withhold that feature for the next level up in our trial. If you go to the 'plan and billing' page on your dashboard, select the plan you think might work well for your office (this can be changed at any time) and complete your billing information, we'll automatically assign an SMS number to your account so that you can trial The Receptionist with SMS. 

You will NOT be charged for 2 weeks from entering that billing information and you can cancel at any time.

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