UPDATE: Employees can now maximize their experience with The Receptionist through use of our Employee App for Android and iPhone, now available in beta!

This article includes useful how-tos to distribute among your team to ensure that they know how to use the Receptionist app to its fullest potential. Please feel free to distribute this "Getting Started" information to your team!

When visitors arrive to your office they will check in using the iPad with The Receptionist for iPad software.  You will receive a notification that your visitor has checked in based on the contact preferences that have been entered by your administrator. You have a variety of choices of how you would like to be notified of visitors to your office including email, text message and/or Slack.

Getting Started: Visitor Notifications

Provide your full name, email address and mobile phone to your Receptionist administrator to add you as a contact, along with how and when you would like to be notified of visitors.

With our two-way communication functionality when you get a notification from a visitor you can respond in the following way:

  • SMS: simply reply to the message to send a notification back to your visitor at the iPad. Text messages from The Receptionist will come from this number (please customize per your account prior to distribution): XXX-XXX-XXXX.  We recommend you add this number as a contact in your phone so that you will know that the message is coming from the iPad.

  • Email: do not reply to the email as that will not go back to the iPad. The “quick replies” can be customized by The Receptionist Admin as a quick way to communicate to your visitor.

Emails received by employee contacts will look like this:

Click “view details” to get to the Visitor Details page:

From here you can chat directly with the visitor at the iPad or you can click one of the pre-loaded responses. SMS/Text messages from and then back to the iPad look like this:

You can set a backup notification for any contact so that if you are not available to greet a guest someone else will be notified in your place. For example, you can request to be notified by email immediately, text message after 15 seconds, then forward the notification to another via email if you have not responded within 1 minute.

If your corporate policy dictates, remind your visitors to check out with the iPad when your meeting is completed.

And if your employees are curious about what the visitor will experience using the app, you can share this video with them:

The Receptionist

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