Do you have lots of contacts or groups of contacts?

This feature allows visitors to find folks based on departments or other tiers. If you have multiple businesses in your building, such as a co-working space, you can leverage the department attribute to group contacts in others ways (e.g. by their company name, suite number, etc.).

An image of the Receptionist app showing a list of Departments.

You can input this information either when you add or import contacts, or by editing their info individually on the Contacts page:

A gif displaying a contact being edited. The Department box is clicked, and then "Customer Experience" is selected.

To add a new department, select an existing one - click into the department box and start typing. Then click the name you typed from the dropdown and save.

What happens if a contact doesn’t have a department assigned?

If you add departments to some but not all contacts, any contacts without an assigned department will not appear on your contact list on the iPad. These contacts can still be found by searching their name, however. This is a way to have semi-private contacts; for example, you may not want your company's CEO to appear on check-in lists, but they can still be reached by searching their name.

If you do not see the option to add departments, ensure your Receptionist app is updated to version 4.0.9 or later.

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