Getting your Receptionist in a Box up and running is a straightforward process. Just follow the steps below.

  1.  Verify your Receptionist account: You should have received an email invitation to start your account. If not, please reach out to our support chat using the orange chat icon in the bottom right corner. You can test your credentials or reset your password on our website here.

  2. Connect to WiFi: Find your preferred network and connect.

  3. Log into your Apple ID: If you do not have an Apple ID, learn about how to make one here.

  4. Download the app and log in: Open the App Store icon on the bottom left and search for “The Receptionist” to download our app. Once installed, launch the app and enter the Username and Password from Step 1.

To further modify your iPad’s configuration, log into your account online. You'll find many useful articles here in our Knowledge Base to help along the way!

Looking for more? Check out our video on the basics of getting started:

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