The Receptionist for iPad will report a "Wrong badge size set" error when the application has received an error from the printer after attempted to send a print job that specifies the label size that's been set on the Printing settings area of your account.

This is typically caused by one of following situations:

  1. The labels that have been loaded into the printer are not one of the supported label types that we show in the Printing settings area. This most often happens when the smaller of the two sample rolls that are included with a new printer have been accidentally loaded into the printer. Swap out the roll and double-check the label you've chosen in the Printing area.

  2. A label refill cartridge has recently been loaded into the printer that does not exactly match the type of label that was previously used. As long as the label refill that has been purchased is one of the label types that we support, you should be able to correct this by choosing the correct label in the Printing settings area.

  3. We have had cases where the plastic housing for the old roll is being used, but the paper from a new roll of labels has been put onto the old housing. The paper and housing both have identifying markings that the printer uses to verify that these match, and when they don't, this also results in the wrong size error. To fix this, please use the plastic housing that comes with the label refills.

The easiest way to confidently know that the labels you have inserted into the printer match the labels you have configured in the Printing settings area is to pull out the labels from the printer, turn the housing over and look at the "foot" that has holes. On that foot there will be a three digit number, and that number will correspond to the last three digits of the labels listed in the Printing settings area. Here's an example picture:

The above image shows the "foot" from a label housing. The number printed there is 251 and matches the "DK-2251" labels that we support.

If you are still having trouble with your printer and are using version 4.4 or newer of the app, please use the troubleshooting guide built into the Printer Settings menu from within the app. Otherwise, click the "START" button to be taken to our Printer Troubleshooting Guide!

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