If your iPad asks for the riab@theipadreceptionist.com password we recommend you create your own Apple ID and use that to re-install our app. This will ensure you control the password and will never get locked out or need assistance with signing in:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPad and click the person icon in the upper right.

  2. Touch the Sign Out button and select 'Forgot your Apple ID or password?' to be redirected to the Apple website.

  3. Click 'FAQ', then 'Create Your Apple ID' on the next page.

A distribution list or shared email address is preferred over a personal email address in case an employee leaves your company. During this process you will be asked to add a credit card to your account. This step is not necessary - simply choose a credit card type of "None" (this Apple Support article shows this in detail).

Once you have finished setting up your account, Apple will send a confirmation email to the address you used. Click the "Verify now" link in that email and enter your password to activate your account. You may also need to sign back into the App Store. Once that is done you'll need to delete and re-install the app to unlink it from the shared Apple ID.:

  1. From the Home Screen locate The Receptionist app

  2. Press and hold the icon until it starts wiggling, and then press the "x" to delete the application. Press the home button to exit the wiggle mode

  3. Open the App Store and search for The Receptionist app to re-download. You may be prompted once more for your password.

Congratulations, you are now running our application on an Apple ID that is entirely yours!

If you need to continue using the riab@ shared Apple ID the current password is:


Please note that because this ID is shared the password is forced to reset often. Continuing to use this account could result in other password changes in the future, so we strongly encourage you to use this account only until you can setup your own Apple ID.

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