You can request an export of your visitor log in CSV or PDF format. PDF exports can include reporting of your visitor photos and signatures from your legal agreement as signed during visitor check-in.

Start by selecting Visitor Log on the top left of your account navigation. Select which visitors you want to see using the filters at the top - you can limit based on specific days or a range of dates, specific buttons and devices, and even use the search bar to see a check-in with a specific name or company. Just pick your desired data and click "filter":

Once filtered, at the top right of your visitor log click on the "Export" button to export:

When you choose the format for your export, you will then be presented with a window that allows you to customize what data is exported, who will receive the export, and when you want the export to be delivered. You can pick and choose what fields to include and even schedule your export to be sent automatically! Daily, weekly and monthly reports will be delivered on the appropriate morning.

We’ll send you an email with a link to download your report. It’s that easy! To view this file, you will need to be a user on your account with The Receptionist. If you are setting this up to send to a colleague, set up your colleague as a user on your account FIRST so that they can access your export file. 

If you don't receive the export within ten minutes, you've likely attempted to export too many returns. Filter your visit log (try limiting to a single month to start) and attempt the export again.

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