You have the choice to be billed each month or once a year for your service. Our plans are based on the number of employees loaded into your account and available for visitors to select, and for us to notify, upon check in. We don't charge for visitors, or by feature.

When you visit the Billing page you will be allowed to choose your plan and billing cycle. When you add or update your credit card information from this page you can rest easy knowing that your credit card is only sent to our third-party, PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant billing partner.

Once you choose your plan, we will enable SMS notifications on your account and you will then have 14 days to continue to use the service before we request our billing partner to charge your card. If at any time during those 14 days you are unsatisfied, you can cancel with us and not be charged.

If your organization would prefer to be invoiced for your service, we also make that process as painless as possible. Simply let us know that invoicing would be your preference and we will make it happen!

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