We have launched the ability to allow your visitors to choose between different languages when they begin their check-in process.

Getting started

This feature is in Beta, and at this time, you must request this feature to be turned on. Open up a chat with us or email support@thereceptionist.com to get started!


After you have requested to have this feature turned on, under the Company section of your administration panel, you will see the option to select which additional language options you would like to display for your visitors.

Once you have selected the language options you wish to display, you will then have the ability to toggle between the language options as you begin to customize your Home Screen and your Buttons.

Again, to clarify: Language translation is not automated. You must translate the text manually for each language option that you select. Also, only English, Spanish, and French are available, with more options to come soon!

With this multilingual feature enabled and after you have input your translations, a button will appear on your welcome screen that will give your visitors the option to select between different languages that you choose to display.

Start a chat with us today or email us at support@thereceptionist.com to get this feature turned on!

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