Companies with multiple office or building locations can manage all of their Receptionist for iPad configurations from one central hub. 

To start, determine if you want to copy your configuration from an existing location, to the new one you are setting up. Each location has the option of a GLOBAL setting or an INDIVIDUAL setting. 

Accounts that are set to global will share everything; contacts, buttons, printer settings... EVERYTHING.

Accounts that are set to individual will have their own contacts, buttons, etc... but they can start as a clone of another individual location or can pick up buttons from another location once you create it. 

To get started, go to Locations on the left of your dashboard. 

You can select 'add a location' at the top, or you can clone an existing individual location by selecting clone under actions to the right of your current location(s). 

Each location can have it's own name, language options, plan etc... 

To configure each location, you'll now see options at the top of each configuration page with a drop down to select which location you are working with: 

Select your location under Home Screen, Buttons, Printing and Contacts. 

To clone a button from another location, select CLONE at the bottom of the 'add a button' option and select the button to clone:

You can also add users as specific location owners, receptionist, security, etc... to restrict their access by location. 

There are a great many options when you add locations so reach out to or use our live chat feature to get some assistance. 

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