Yes you can! Start with buttons on the left side of your online dashboard. Select 'visitor buttons' on the right then click to edit your check in button. Scroll down to the Visitor Fields section Click on the right to add a new field and select Citizenship Field.

Once a Citizenship field has been added you can choose your country of origin so that all visitors can confirm that they are a citizen of your country.

Enable that feature and you will:

Ask 'Citizen or Non-Citizen' during each visitor check in.

That entry by visitors will show up in the email, text or slack message that a contact receives, will be logged with their information in your visitor log as well as print on a badge. We've even made it easy to distinguish, at a glance, non-citizens by their badge printout so that it doesn't have to be read. All non-citizen badges will include a diagonal bar in the top right of their badge printout.

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