We know you aren't tied to your desk or your phone - sometimes you just have to step away! So that your visitors aren't sitting around and waiting for your response, you can set up a chain of notifications.

With each contact set up you'll see "messaging preferences." Here you can set up delays in your own notifications (email immediately, sms/text message if no response in 15 or 30 seconds, then send to Bob if I don't respond in 45 seconds). Here's an example:

You can set up as many messaging preferences as you want or need!

Messaging rules work on a response/no response trigger.  Any message rules set up on a delay will automatically be sent out if the primary contact does NOT respond to the iPad.  If the primary contact responds, fallback messages will not be sent to additional contacts.  All messages set for immediate delivery will be sent, regardless of a response back to the iPad.

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