The Receptionist has two ways to track visitors that may not have physically checked into your location yet. If you're primarily hoping to give your employees a heads up that they have an expected visitor, pre-registering visitors is the best solution. However, if you want users to be able to begin check-in remotely, then Contactless Check-In may fit your needs better.

When you pre-register visitors, you will pre-load those visitors into your Visit Log so that their basic information is stored and completed upon arrival. Visitors will find their pre-registration when the email they enter during check-in matches the email you enter while preregistering them.

Start on your buttons page to the left of your account dashboard. Select 'Existing buttons' on the right of your buttons page then click to edit your check-in button. Scroll down to the ‘Select Employee Contacts’ section and turn on ‘Pre-Register Visitors’. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Now that you have enabled Pre-Registration, navigate to your Visitor Log. This is where we will hold their check-in until arrival.

Once you open your visitor log, you’ll now see ‘Add Visitor’ in the top right corner.

If you have enabled visitor pre-registration on more than one button, your first selection when you click on ‘Add Visitor’ will be which button you want to save this visitor for. You will then be asked to enter the email address for your visitor.  There are also optional areas for Estimated Check-in Time, sending a Pre-Registration Email, and Additional Instructions - this information will be included in the email visitors receive, so any vital info that can guide them towards parking, check-in process, or any other instructions you would like to convey prior to their arrival should be included here. 

(If the estimated check-in time is sooner than 30 minutes the email is sent right away. If an estimated check-in time is not provided, then the email won't be sent for 30 minutes. Within 30 minutes of adding a pre-registration you're able to edit the entry, but after that time we send the email out to your expected visitor with the details so we lock out any additional edits.)

Visitors will receive an email alerting them to their scheduled visit with instructions on how to check-in when they arrive. That email looks something like this:

When your visitor arrives and enters an email address that matches one that was created during pre-registration they’ll be asked to confirm (continue with check-in)  or edit their information.

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