Returning visitors to your office can be remembered based on their email addresses. Any past visitors to your office will be flagged after you turn on this feature and after their first check-in is complete.

Like nearly all of our features, this will be configured per button. Start on the buttons page of your account set up online. Select 'Existing Buttons' on the right, then click to edit the button you would like to utilize returning visitor recognition. Scroll down to the ‘Select Employee Contacts’ section.  On the left, enable the Returning Visitors feature.

With this feature turned on, visitors will not be required to answer questions they have already answered on a previous visit. If you have a field that can change with every subsequent visit, you'll have the option to make it “always required,” which will require them to answer it every single visit.

If you have agreements added to your check-in process and need to be re-signed every time a visitor checks back in, you'll want to set those agreements to expire. You can set this by editing the agreement on the Agreements page of your web portal.

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