Each iPad has a local setting (called "Visitor Timeout") that you can use to adjust how long the app will wait for input from a visitor before closing out a check-in by going back to the home screen.

If you are using our two-way chat feature, this setting is also used to determine how long the iPad will wait for a response from the contact and/or between individual chat messages before closing the chat. If you find that your contacts aren't able to respond quickly enough to your visitors, increasing this timeout will give your employees more time.

The "Visitor Timeout" setting can be adjusted from the Settings area of the iPad application, and is a per-device setting.

Changing the Visitor Timeout Setting

On your iPad, the top middle part of the home screen is a "hot spot" for The Receptionist app. If you press and hold on this spot for about 6 seconds the Settings area will appear. The active area you need to touch and hold is highlighted in red in the image below:

Here's a picture of the settings screen:

Press "Device Settings" and you'll be prompted for your password (this ensures visitors who might accidentally discover this area can't make changes). Once you enter your password, you'll see the screen below with the "Visitor Timeout" setting on the left. Touch the number to be able to change the setting:

The number you enter will be the number of seconds the device will wait for input from the visitor (or for an initial reply from a contact) before closing out a check-in by going to the home screen.

Touch the < button in the upper left to return to your settings screen and save your changes.

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