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What does a delivery button do?

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Delivery Buttons were designed with delivery people in mind. The Button can work in two ways; you can either configure your button to find and notify the recipient of each package, or the Delivery button can notify a list of Contacts that you've chosen.

Adding a Delivery Button

Start on the Buttons page of the web portal. From there, select "Add A Button" and then "Delivery."

A gif of the Buttons page of the web portal. It displays a User selecting the "Add A Button" button and selecting the "Delivery" option.

Customizing Your Button

As with our other Buttons, you can name and customize this Button as you see fit! Select up to six delivery carriers and the messages you would like available for them to select from the available options. For example, you may want to give delivery people an option to indicate that they left a package at a given door.

An image of the Button Editing page for a Delivery button. It shows a variety of Delivery Companies that can be selected, as well as Delivery Messages that can be toggled on and off.

Delivery Notifications

Finally, select who should be notified when a delivery arrives.

A gif of "Contacts Required?" being toggled on on the Button Editing page for a Delivery button. Once it is toggled on, a new Contact is being selected from the list.

In the Select Delivery Contacts section of the page, you’ll see options on the left to turn contact selection on or off.  With contact selection off, all of your selected Contacts will automatically be notified when a delivery is checked in, and delivery personnel will NOT be asked to select the recipient of their delivery. This is great if your office has one or two people who are in charge of checking mail, or all mail is typically delivered to the company at large rather than a particular employee.

With contact selection ON, delivery personnel can see, select, and notify the specific delivery recipient. This is great for food deliveries, for example. Remember, with contact selection ON, you’ll still need to toggle on all of the contacts you want to allow to accept deliveries.

Delivery People Missing the Button?

We tend to find that delivery people are in a hurry, and often don't want to take the time to fill out a great deal of information. To encourage adoption, we recommend keeping options as short as you can. If your delivery people are struggling to adopt using The Receptionist when dropping off items, we find that a sign (such as "Please sign deliveries in on the iPad") nearby can help.

Have questions or want to chat through options? Click on that orange chat button in the lower right corner to livechat with a member of The Receptionist team!

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