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How do I export signed NDAs and other legal documents from my Agreements Vault?

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When visitors check in, you may have them sign or opt into agreements, such as NDAs. It's easy to download these agreements for your records! After signing into your account, select Agreements on the left. You'll see a brief display of each legal agreement associated with your account and signed by visitors. 

An image of the Agreements page.

You'll be able to view your agreement in its current form and edit or delete it under the Actions column on the right. 

Click the green number under the Visitors column to see each signed agreement.
Here, you'll see each signed agreement with the option to view or export a PDF version of your visitors' agreements.

A list of test check-ins that signed the agreement. The date they signed is included, as well as options to download an HTML and PDF copy.

You can also automate agreement exports to either Google Drive or Dropbox! Click on those links for articles that walk you through how. These automated exports are the best way to mass-download agreements.

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