When it comes to configuring how your visitors will interact with your iPad, the buttons screen is where most of the magic happens.

Think of each button that you add as a personalized interaction that a visitor will receive. Typically you will want to create a separate button for each unique visitor type that you have coming to your office.

What makes a visitor unique?

Great question! The major differentiators that we see are things like:

  1. If your office receives deliveries, you almost certainly want those to be treated different from other visitors—we even have a specific button type for this (see below).

  2. Different questions need to be answered for some guests (e.g. contractors need to provide their ID number, but regular visitors don't).

  3. Some visitors need sign a legal document, but other visitors need a different document or no document at all (e.g. the NDA may be different between the technology department and finance department).

  4. Certain visitors might be greeted by a department first before being handed off to the person they are there to see, so the visitor doesn't need to choose the person they are there to see (e.g. an H.R. Department may see interview candidates first)

  5. Some visitors may need to have a badge printed when visiting while some may not need a badge or may need a different layout for the badge.

How many buttons can I have?

We currently allow you to have up to 6 different buttons. We've found that this maximum amount does a good job of allowing flexibility for our customers while also keeping the visitor's experience simple and intuitive.

What kinds of buttons are available?

We currently offer 5 different types of buttons to help you create this tailored experience. Each button type allows for a unique kind of interaction. Our buttons types are:

  • Check-In buttons are our most common (and also most flexible) button type.

  • Delivery buttons allow your office to take care of your deliveries with ease..

  • Notification buttons are a simplified version of a check-in button that doesn't require that the visitor choose a contact and instead notifies just the contacts that you specify.

  • Message buttons display a custom message to your visitor and do not collect any information or send any notifications.

  • Check-out buttons are only responsible for signing visitors out of your office.

  • Employee buttons will act like a time clock, checking employees in and out during the day without sending notifications. 

How do I edit and rearrange the buttons?

To reorder your buttons, click and hold the three lines to the left of your button to drag it to a new location. To hide or reactivate a button type from visitors, click on the green toggle. To delete, hover over the trashcan icon and click 'delete' then click 'confirm'.

Bonus: check out out video on setting up a custom button:

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