Companies with multiple offices or building locations can manage all of their Receptionist for iPad configurations from one central hub. 

Getting Started

First, go to Locations on the left of your dashboard.

You can select 'Add Location' at the top, or you can clone an existing individual location by selecting 'clone' under Actions to the right of your current location(s). Each location will need its own subscription.

Configuring Locations

Each location can have its own name, language options, plan, etc.

To configure each location, you'll see options at the top of each configuration page (Buttons, Home Screen, etc.) with a drop-down to select which location you are working with: 

To clone a button from another location, select CLONE at the bottom of the 'add a button' option and select the button to clone:

Users can also be associated with specific locations, either at set-up or via editing the person in question on the Users page.

Associating iPads with Locations

Say you need to move an iPad at your Headquarters location to a secondary location. You'll want to make sure to switch the location of the iPad, so that check-ins at that secondary location display accurately. To do so, simply access the Settings menu on the iPad app by pressing and holding a finger on the top center of the screen, shown here in red:

Once there, select Device Settings, enter your password when prompted, and select "Device Location." There, you can switch the location to a different one with ease.

Have questions about what you can do with multiple locations? Feel free to chat us, and we'll happily go over any questions!

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