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Can I change the app to have a darker appearance?

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We offer a dark mode option; this alters the app's appearance to feature a darker color palette. Instead of black on white, your app will display with white on black:

An image of a page in The Receptionist check-in process. The color on the background is black, and most of the icons are dark as well. Text is displayed in white.

This is an excellent feature for those whose branding is on the darker side of the spectrum or for anyone looking for lowered brightness during inactive hours in place of using the iPad's sleep mode. It helps conserve battery slightly but is primarily an aesthetic choice. Just another way The Receptionist is entirely customizable!

To switch to dark mode, head to the Buttons area of your account, select Style & Border on the right, and 'Pick an appearance mode':

A gif of the Buttons page on the web portal. The 'Style & Border' button is selected, and then Dark Mode is selected.

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