Guided Access is a great iPad feature that uses a code to lock your iPad in our app. This ensures that your visitors can't close the app or otherwise access anything on your iPad. When setting it up, be sure to set your auto-lock settings to "never" to ensure the iPad doesn't go dark.

  1. Open Settings on your iPad

  2. Select Accessibility

  3. Scroll down to Guided Access

  4. Toggle Guided Access "ON"

  5. Adjust Display Auto-Lock from "Default" to "Never"

  6. Navigate back to the Guided Access settings and tap Passcode Settings

  7. Set Guided Access passcode. Enter a passcode, then re-enter it. 

    • IMPORTANT: Keep this passcode someplace safe. The Receptionist team does not have access to the passcode in case it is lost or forgotten.

8. Select Display & Brightness from the left-hand menu and ensure Auto-Lock is also set to "Never":

9. Once these steps are complete, open The Receptionist app and triple-click the Home button to begin your Guided Access session.

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