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Can my visitors scan a QR code upon arrival to expedite their check in?

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If you have someone scheduled to visit your office, or you know they will be in several days in a row, you can expedite their check-in by adding a QR code to their Pre-Registration, badge, or summary email.

When guests check in with a QR code, the system will remember their information from a previous check-in or pre-registration. Upon arrival, they can scan the code from a printout, mobile device, or their badge from a previous day.

An image of the Badge Printing section of the Button Editing page. The 'QR Code' option has been toggled on and a QR code appears on the badge preview.

If the Returning Visitors or Pre-Registration features are turned on, visitors can scan the QR code on their badge or Pre-Registration email to check out. To do so, visitors can either hold their badge to the camera on the iPad or select "QR Checkout" when they begin the checkout process.

Please note that these QR codes differ from those used as part of Contactless Check-In.

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