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Automating Agreement Exports: Dropbox
Automating Agreement Exports: Dropbox

How do I export agreements to Drop Box?

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Do you already download your agreements and store them in the cloud? We offer a direct integration with Dropbox to export these automatically when check-in occurs and store them using a naming system of your devising.

Getting Started

  • Head to the Integrations page and click "+Start" next to the Dropbox option

  • Sign in or select the email you want to integrate with and Allow access.

  • Click the sync symbol and select which agreement you want to set up first. In the window that appears, you are going to click the option to enable, and choose whether or not you want to retroactively sync the agreements that already exist (keep in mind that this initial process can take a while if you have a lot of signed agreements). 

A gif of the Integrations page. The Dropbox integration is toggled on.

In this same window, you can further customize the file destination. Dropbox will automatically nest your agreements under a path of "Apps/The Receptionist" along with  "agreement_name_path", "year", and "visitor_name.pdf". Since I used "agreement_name" my "Dropbox Agreement" files look something like this on the other side:

A gif displaying a Dropbox file path. It is Apps > The Receptionist > Dropbox Agreement > 2019.

You can use the additional Paths to help with organizing items or adding naming conventions to how they save and upload to Dropbox. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of agreements and/or a lot of visitors:

An image of the Dropbox Integration editing page on the web portal. The image displays the Dropbox path foldering options.
  • Name vs Path: path will replace spaces with _ and remove capitalization, while name will keep the same exact formatting as the agreement name on your Web Portal

  • Year, month, and date will all register as the date the agreement was completed by the visitor

  • The last path token chosen will be what the PDF is named in Dropbox

As always, we're available if you have any questions!

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