Adding Agreements

How do I add a document for visitors to sign such as an NDA, contract, terms, waiver, or other legal form?

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Watch our tutorial or read on to learn how to add an Agreement!

To add an agreement, start on the Agreements page of the web portal and click "+ Add Agreement" in the upper right.

If you select "Formatted Text," you'll be asked to name and give a heading for the agreement. You can then type or paste your Legal Agreement content, then edit your agreement with any images, visitor data, or other formatting you'd like. You cannot upload an existing agreement, such as a PDF file. The "Visitor Data" feature will allow you to merge in standard fields collected during check-in, such as name, email, etc.

A gif of the Agreements page of the web portal. The "Add Agreement" button is selected and the New Agreement page appears.

If you select "YouTube Video," you'll be asked to name and give a heading for the video, and then required to enter the YouTube identifier. You only need to load the identifier string after the V in the YouTube URL. If you paste in an entire YouTube URL, the correct part of the URL will be parsed out for you.

With each type of agreement, you have a selection of Button types you want to display to visitors:

  • Signature with Agree or Cancel

  • Yes or No

  • Agree or Cancel

The first option, "Signature with Agree or Cancel," is the only Agreement presentation that will collect a signature as part of the agreement. The latter two options present slightly different wording. All options will cancel the check-in if "Cancel" or "No" is selected. All legal agreements require 'agreement' to continue with check-in.

Expiring Agreements

If you use our Returning Visitors feature, the system will "remember" that a visitor has previously signed the agreement and not ask them to do so again. You can use the Agreement Expiration feature if you need visitors to re-sign agreements after a certain period. If you want visitors to re-sign an agreement each month, select "When updated, or after 30 days," for example. If visitors should sign the agreement each time they visit, set the expiration to "When updated, or after 0 days" to ensure that returning visitors are prompted to sign the agreement upon each visit:

An image of the "Should expire" section of the Agreement editing page on the web portal. The agreement has been set to expire "When updated, or after 0 days."

Once your agreement has been saved, you can edit any button to add this agreement. You can set up different agreements or even multiple agreements for each button!

Optional Agreements

By default, Agreements are designed to deny entry and terminate a check-in to visitors who select a "no" or "cancel" response. If you want visitors who select a negative response to complete the check-in process, you can make agreements optional. Please note that Optional Agreements are only available for agreements that do not require a signature.

Navigate to the Legal Agreements section within each button's settings. Click the lock icon to the right of the title of the agreement to make it required or optional (be sure to save your changes):

This is how agreements with a negative answer selection will appear in the Visitor Details within the Visit Log:

An image of the Visitor Details page on the web portal. The "Agreement" section displays a "No" badge.

Please note that optional Agreements are not available for all accounts. Want to give this feature a try? Click on that orange chat button in the lower right corner to livechat with a member of The Receptionist team!

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