Brother QL-820NWB WiFi Setup

How do I set up a Brother QL-820NWB printer to connect to a WiFi network?

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Please note that this article can be used for setting up both QL-820NWB and QL-820NWBc printers.

Unboxing and Initial Configuration of the Printer (you won't need the Brother instruction book, just follow along with these steps):

  1. Assemble and insert the roll of badges into the printer. These are a sample roll of the Brother DK-2251 labels (save this # for re-ordering later).

  2. Plug the black power cord into the printer and a power socket.

  3. Press the power button to turn on the printer. Make sure the green status light comes on.

  4. Use the [▲], [▼], and [OK] buttons to set your language, time, and date as prompted.

  5. Press the [MENU] button and use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select Template Settings, and set Template Mode to OFF.

  6. Press the [MENU] button and use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select Settings. Select 'Auto Power Off'> Adapter to OFF.

  7. Press the [MENU] button and use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select Settings. Select 'Auto Power Off'> Li-ion Battery to OFF.

Connecting to Wireless Network:

  1. Press the [MENU] button and use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select WLAN, then turn WLAN (On/Off) to On and press [OK].

  2. Use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select Infra Manual Setting in the WLAN settings menu and press [OK].

  3. Your printer will search for available Wi-Fi networks.

  4. Use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select the same network the iPad uses. Press OK and type in the network password (press [MENU] to switch between uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols).

  5. You will receive a "Connected!" message. If it does not connect, repeat the above steps to try again or attempt connection to a new network until you receive the "Connected!" confirmation.

  6. Press the [OK] button to return to the main screen. You should see the Wi-Fi icon in the top right.

  7. Please note that you will want to be on a WPA or WPA2 connection, not WPA3.

Connecting the iPad and printer:

  1. From the app Home Screen, long hold at the top center of the screen.

  2. Once the menu appears, select Printer Settings and enter the user password when prompted.

  3. The iPad will search for available printers for you to select, then press TEST PRINT to print a ✔️ and ensure the devices are connected.*

    1. If it doesn't find a wifi-connected printer, select +Connect printer to manually enter the printer's IP (found under WLAN > WLAN Status > Infrastructure Mode).

  4. Once you have a successful test print, tap < in the top left corner and exit the menu by tapping the X in the upper left - your changes will save automatically.

*If a ✔️ never appears and the application hangs or times out, the standard network printing port may be blocked on your network. Your network administrator can help ensure the network settings allow your iPad to communicate over port 9100.

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