To enable a touchless Check-In experience, please ensure that The Receptionist app on your iPad is updated to version 4.5 or later. Instructions for updating the app can be found here.

How Contactless Check-In works:

Turning on Contactless Check-In:

  1. From your Home Screen settings, select Layout & Contactless

  2. Click the QR Code icon underneath "Contactless Check-In"

  3. Save your changes

  4. A blue QR Code icon will appear in the top right corner of your Home Screen settings page. Your unique QR code and URL can be found here.

Please note: Contactless Check-In currently does NOT support the following features:

  • Delivery Button

  • Pre-Registration

  • Two-way Chat

  • Additional languages

  • Video agreements

  • Check-out visitor fields

Please contact us by using the orange chat bubble on your screen or by calling 888-315-5230 if you have questions on implementing Contactless Check-In!

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