To enable a touchless Check In experience, please ensure that The Receptionist app on your iPad is updated to version 4.5 or newer. Instructions for updating the app can be found here.

How Contactless Check-In works:

Turning on Contactless Check-In:

  1. From your Home Screen settings, select Layout & Contactless

  2. Click the QR Code icon underneath "Contactless Check-In"

  3. Save your changes

  4. A blue QR Code icon will appear in the top right corner of your Home Screen settings page. Your unique QR code and URL can be found here.

Queued Visits

When visitors complete check-in, they enter a "queued" state, and will be visible on the visit log. Check-in will complete either when the visitor shows the QR code they get upon finishing the check-in process, or you check them in manually from the visit log by clicking the orange "check in" button down below.

Please note that queued visits only remain in the log for three days. That being said, they are still stored in the system, so while you will not be able to check visitors in from the visit log manually after 3 days, visitors will be able to complete their own check-ins by showing the completed contactless QR code to the device.

You can read more about Queued Visits and how to disable it, if you prefer, here!

Please note: Contactless Check-In currently does NOT support the following features:

  • Delivery Button

  • Pre-Registration

  • Two-way Chat

  • Additional languages

  • Video agreements

  • Check-out visitor fields

  • Contact photos

Please contact us by using the orange chat bubble on your screen or by calling 888-315-5230 if you have questions on implementing Contactless Check-In!

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