Our Queue Visits feature allows someone to enter their information on a mobile device ahead of time, say from home or their car, then scan a QR code upon arrival to finalize their check-in:

When someone checks in Contactlessly their visit is put into a queued state, and won't actually register them as "Checked In" until they scan the personalized confirmation QR code they get on their phone on the iPad itself. This helps confirm that someone is actually on-site when they finalize their check-in and will allow them to check out after it's been scanned. Before finalizing their check-in the log details will look like this, giving you the option to manually check-in your pending visitors in the log yourself:

If this step is unnecessary and you'd rather someone is fully checked in when they complete the steps on their mobile device, you can turn the feature off on your buttons. Just go into your account online and edit each button, scroll down to 'ADDITIONAL OPTIONS', click the Queue Visits feature to deactivate, and save.

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