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Can I assign visits to my contacts so we can see who's been helped?

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Would your organization benefit from a queuing system for visitors? When Assigning Visits is turned on, a group of Contacts is notified when a visitor arrives. Then, one of those Contacts can claim the visit to remove the visitor from the queue and show the rest of the team that they've been helped. Additionally, the time the visitor was claimed will be timestamped, so you can track how long it's taking employees to assist your visitors!

To use this feature, chat with our team first so we can make sure it's on for your account. Once it is, you'll want to start with a Notification button. Select all the Contacts you want to be notified and have the chance to claim a visit.

Then, scroll down until you reach the Additional Options section. There, toggle on Assign Visits.

From now on, when a visitor checks in using that button, the selected Contacts can claim the visit from the email or Slack notification they receive by clicking the "view details and claim visit" option followed by "claim visit." This option does not require user access to your account online.

A screenshot of a visit notification email.
A screenshot of the Visitor Details page.  An orange "claim visit" button can be seen.

Maybe some of your Contacts are also Users on the account! They can claim visits right from the Visit Log. To allow your Users to claim visits this way, you must associate their Contact and User information. To do so, start on the Contacts page of the web portal and edit the Contact. Then, find the User box and select the matching User from the dropdown.

A screenshot of the Contact editing page of the web portal.  The User box is visible.

Once you've saved, those folks can claim visits from the Visit Log when logged into the web portal!

Once the visit is claimed, the Contact who claimed it will be listed in the Contact & Button column of the log, as well as any exported data. A claim cannot be undone, and that visit will be permanently associated with the employee who claimed it.

Have questions or want to chat through options? Click on that orange chat button in the lower right corner to livechat with a member of The Receptionist team!

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