Some of our customers need a queueing system, such as in a credit union or bank setting, so when a set of Contacts is notified of a visitor's arrival a member of their team can go in and claim the visit to show everyone else they have been helped.

Our Notification button now has the option to activate Assigning Visits to do just that! To activate this feature please contact our team so we can turn it on for your account. Once activated you'll see Assign Visits under the Additional Options when editing any of your Notification buttons.

When a visitor checks in using that button, the selected contacts for your Notification button can claim the visit from the email or Slack notification they receive by clicking the "view details and claim visit" option followed by "claim visit". This option does not require user access to your account online.

Alternatively, if any of those recipients have user access (and you have associated their contact with a user from within their Contact details) they can use the "claim visit" button located directly in the Visit Log after the visitor checks in.

Once the visit is claimed, the contact who claimed it will be listed in the Contact & Button column of the log as well as any exported data.

PLEASE NOTE that once a visit has been claimed this action cannot be undone and the visit will be assigned to the contact who claimed it.

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