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How can I add annotations for a specific visit in the Log?

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If your staff needs to add notes to a particular visit, such as badge numbers, confirmation that an ID was checked, or as a way to indicate that the visitor mistyped their name, you can utilize our Visit Notes feature to annotate visits on your log!

To ensure the integrity of the Visit Log, visitor check-in information cannot be edited by Admins. Luckily, there is still a way to add additional information to a visit record! Under the menu for a visit, you'll see an option to "Add Note." This will open a new window where you can type up to 4,000 characters to attach to the specific visit:

A gif of the Visit Log on the web portal. The mouse selects the three dots to the right of a visit's details, selects the "Add Note" button, and then types a note into the resulting text box.

Once a note is added, you'll see it appear as a line item in the Details column:

An image An image of the Visit Log page on the web portal.  One of the visitors has a badge in the "details" section that reads "note."

You can hover over this section to get a preview of the note. To view the entire note, edit, and delete, you can click on the "note" details option or "View Note" in the menu:

A gif of the Visit Log.  The mouse hovers over the "note" badge and a preview of the note displays. The mouse then selects the three dots to the right of that visit and selects "View Note."

This will save data for a particular visit but will not duplicate across every check-in for a returning visitor. Visit notes should be considered as being for particular visits, not particular visitors. Notes will also be included as a default column within your CSV and PDF exports, where applicable.

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