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Want to notify large groups all at once?

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Want to message all your checked-in employees about an event being held in the office? What about sending a message to visitors in the event of an emergency? With Broadcast Notifications, you can do just that!

Broadcast Notifications enable your team to broadcast a message to different groups in your organization. These groups are:

  • Checked-in visitors

  • All contacts (if you are not using an employee button)

  • Checked-in contacts (if you are using an employee button)

  • Checked-out contacts (if you are using an employee button)

Broadcast Notifications are sent to visitors and contacts on a per-location basis. Account Owners can broadcast a notification to any location belonging to their account, and Location Owners can broadcast a notification only to their own location.

The message will be delivered via SMS from the same number that your contacts receive visitor notifications. To send a message, start on the Visit Log, click the “Actions” button, and then select “New Broadcast” in the dropdown menu.

A screenshot of the visit log.  The 'Actions' button has been pressed, revealing a dropdown that includes the option "New Broadcast."

Then you’ll be able to enter your message and select who you want to receive it. Send “Create Broadcast” to share it with the team!

A screenshot of the "New Broadcast" popup. It includes an option to add a Message Body and three groups of recipients to select; Checked-In Visitors, Checked-In Contacts, and Checked-Out Contacts.

Because the SMS will come without a subject line, we suggest clarifying who the message is coming from in the body of the message. Additionally, let your visitors or contacts know not to respond to the notification SMS; replies will send, but will not go anywhere.

Only unique numbers will receive SMS messages (meaning that if two visitors or two contacts are saved under the same phone number, only one message will be sent). If you host a number of visitors from different countries, please be aware that the system may fail to send messages to country codes different from the company’s (for example, a US company with a phone beginning with +1 will not be able to message a UK number beginning with +44).

It is impossible to opt out of these texts short of blocking the number entirely; please ensure that your employees do not block it, as that will prevent them from receiving visitor notifications via SMS.

These notifications are a great way to communicate with your employees and visitors with ease! If you have any questions about sending your own notifications, click on the chat icon in the lower right corner and we’ll be more than happy to chat about this feature.

Please note that for these notifications to work as intended, the sender's country code must match the recipient's country code.

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