To capture a photo of a visitor start on your buttons page, select 'Existing Buttons' on the right then click the 'edit' on the far right of your check-in button. Then, scroll down to the visitor fields section and to the right, add a field. Select the photo capture field. 

The face detection feature requires a face be in view of the camera during the photo capture.

Please note that unlike other visitor fields, the Photo Capture field cannot be made "optional" to your visitors; therefore, the field cannot be skipped during the check-in process.

If face detection is turned on, and a face is not 'seen' within the capture window, your visitor will not be able to advance through check-in. They will see: 

Please note that facial detection will not work if there is a light shining into the camera, such as a bright overhead light or a window behind your visitor that causes the camera to be unable to find a face. Try playing around with the tilt and location of your iPad mount to ensure it can successfully find a face, or you can turn off facial detection from within your button editor online. It's also important to remember that facial detection will not work if the visitor is wearing a mask.

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