TIP: before reading on, ensure you have set up your printer.

Once you have turned on badge printing, navigate to the Buttons tab on the left of your dashboard. Select 'Existing Buttons' on the right then click 'edit' to the right of the button you would like to add badge printing to. Scroll down to the Badge Printing section of your button set up. On the left, click the 'Print Badges' toggle to 'On'.

Our proprietary badge editor allows you to move visitor completed fields of data around on your badge, add a logo that is different from the welcome screen display, and, well...a lot more.

Here's a preview of your options: 

This video will show you how to enable badge printing for your buttons and configure your badge:

Don't forget to save your button settings when you're done setting up your badge! 

*Please note which fields are available for badge printing. You cannot include custom fields you have created.

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